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Microbead Pillows

Microbead pillows provide total body comfort and relief for many customers who have purchased the product. Microbead pillows are made with soft spandex material on the outside, which gives it a certain level of flexibility with the material and the ability for it to conform to several body types and styles. It conforms very well to whatever shape that it is on plus it provides comfort with its unique, cylindrical shape.

The flexible microbeads in the pillow are what allow it to compress and conform to smaller and contoured shapes. This provides not only for more comfort, but it can also be compressed into small storage spaces. In the event that the pillow needs to be cleaned, there is no need to handle with any extra special or particular care. They are designed to go right into the washing machine and the dryer with no special preparation. The pillows also have a removable outer cover that can also be washed in lieu of throwing the entire pillow into the washing machine. This ensures longer lasting durability for your pillow and also gives it a quick clean any time it's necessary.

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Microbeads are preferred by many customers also because the air flows around the beads inside the pillow, and that airflow keeps the inside pillow padding from becoming too tepid. This is a good thing because it also helps the padding and the pillow from needing frequent plumping or fluffing, much like what standard bed pillows often need. Over time, the pillows will last longer and retain their strength and durability since the padding is maintained with the natural flow of the microbeads. With infrequent washings, the pillows will last longer, therefore customers are suggested to only wash and dry the microbead pillows only as often as needed.